5–8.09.2019 BIAŁYSTOK
Anthony Linell & Ali Demirel displays Winter Ashes

Anthony Linell & Ali Demirel displays Winter Ashes

Sweden / Germany

Thursday 5 IX 2019 Opening Concert
Robert Henke – Lumière III Sokół

Anthony Linell

The cohesive array of depth charged devices that Anthony Linell has produced is formidable. From his
opening statements as Abdulla Rashim on his early label of the same name, right through to his recent work that puts his aliases aside, there is a robust and rigorous intent that compounds the elemental strategies of techno's models to apprehend his singular vision.
Presiding over Stockholm's Northern Electronics label with Varg (Jonas Rönnberg), Linell dispenses with
mechanisms of attention on all fronts. Marked by an indefatigable self- reliance, the label presents exactly what it means to display, and no more. Carving an idiosyncratic platform for his music is as great of a warning as there could be that Linell's leveraging little toward the benefit of the audience. By his measure, the familiarity and comfort of contemporary techno is stripped back to its rushing heart, the senses left tailgating the strobe in a fit of intuition over decision. The greater this is exposed the colder it gets, and its in these extremes that Linell's caustic rhythmic precision hits. Live, it comes off as a galvanizing strike from the outside; analysing the room as a DJ, it's a case of being pursued through the dark.
Just as the brevity of Linell'ss output in the eyes of techno is exalted as it is brought into focus, the
background to this blurs as you start to decipher his other projects. Lundin Oil skirts the fringes of noise and experimental music, and in collaboration with Varg as Ulwhedar, this is perhaps even more pronounced. Purposively ricocheting between the techno world and experimental electronic music, Linell forges a distinct passage that gathers the aesthetically uncompromising motifs and missions from across this spectrum. It's this combination and resolve that's brought Linell to the world's attention, however little that attention has
been solicited.


Ali M. Demirel

Born in Turkey in 1972, is a Berlin-based artist. He is known for experimental video work that hones in on minimal imagery and structural compositions, often rooted in architecture, science and nature. Demirel studied nuclear engineering at Hacettepe University and architecture at Middle East Technical University (METU). After receiving his degree, he worked and lectured at GISAM (Audio-Visual Research Center) of METU.
In 1993, he started experimenting with video. As his practice developed, he began working with electronic musicians, and is well-known for his collaborations with Richie Hawtin/ Plastikman. Their work together includes the sleek music video for “The Tunnel,” from Hawtin’s album DE9: Transitions and the 2010-11 Plastikman live tour. Demirel is known across minimal electronic music for his singular aesthetic. Other work of his also includes Meta-Control, a collaboration with Burak Arikan, which consists of interactive, kinetic visual compositions generated through programming language
Processing. More recently, he has been working on a series of video installations which examine post-apocalyptic utopias.
Demirel has performed live at Sonar Festival, Spain; Mutek Festival, Canada; Coachella, USA; Fuji Rock Festival, Japan; Brixton Academy, London; L’Olympia, Paris; ADE, Amsterdam; among others. His work has been shown at institutions and spaces such as Guggenheim Museum, New York; TodaysArt.NL; CTM, Berlin; ICA, London; Arter, Istanbul; among others.

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