5–8.09.2019 BIAŁYSTOK
Legowelt pres. Gladio live

Legowelt pres. Gladio live


Friday 6 IX 2019 Pozdro Techno
Dopplereffekt live Milena Glowacka live

There is no one like Legowelt. His vast musical output spans many different worlds – some real, some imagined - and does so in a unique and captivating fashion that keeps listeners enthralled. Since first emerging in the early nineties as a key part of the Dutch West Coast scene and Intergalactic FM family, he has become a core member of that crew who takes inspiration from Detroit and Chicago pioneers but also fantasy films and sci-fi culture, and is nowadays a modern day techno pin-up in his own rite. Perenially fascinated by old and battered noise-making machines, his dizzying output is defined by analogue textures and classic values as well as an ever-roaming sense of sonic investigation that veers from techno to freaky house deepness via old school acid. A producer with a rare sense of humor, Legowelt’s productions come thick and fast but always retain high levels of quality assurance. They land on labels like Clone, L.I.E.S., Peoples Potential Unlimited and Crème Organization in the form of myriad EPs but also well received full lengths like The Paranormal Soul and Crystal Cult 2080.

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