5–8.09.2019 BIAŁYSTOK
Osmo Nadir

Osmo Nadir


Pozdro Techno
Koza Deruba

Osmo Nadir is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and composer. He creates audiovisual and kinetic installations, video art and projects on the verge of disciplines. He builds his own musical and optical instruments. Born in 1985 in Podlasie, Nadir belongs to a new generation of artists associated with the information revolution that began in 2000. In 2014, he received the Talent of Trójka awarded to artists by the Third Program of the Polish Radio for achievements in the field of visual arts.

Despite the trauma of Fukushima and Chernobyl, the method of generating energy based on the controlled nuclear fission of uranium atoms remains one of the most ecological technologies in the energy industry. This year's scenography will be set in the mood of control rooms of the first nuclear power plants erected in the 1950s in the former Soviet Union. Interfaces of control panels - full of complicated diagrams, rows of controls, buttons and measuring devices - create a fascinating space. A methodical dance of man and machine takes place in it, aiming to tame the powerful power dormant in the reactor core.

The music will be complemented by live projections in three parts. The first is a rich study of water mass movements, cut live from dynamic footage captured in the Eastern Pyrenees, the Atlantic Ocean and in Nadir’s home studio in Podlasie. In the second part, we will be confronted with the radical graphic minimalism of stroboscopic stop-motion animations. The last part includes sequences consisting of images recorded with the use hand-built optical instruments – it is a prelude to the project created in cooperation with the Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Nadir directs the lens towards the microworld, observing the reactions of crystal formation, and captures it using a polarizing microscope.