5–8.09.2019 BIAŁYSTOK

Key informations



🕥 Gates opening
Opening Concert 7:30 PM
Centralny Salon Ambientu Friday 6:30 PM, Saturday 5:30 PM
City Stadium Friday 7 PM, Saturday 7 PM
Closing Concert 8 PM
⏰ Timetable: www.uptodate.pl/en/timetable-2019/
🛸 Locations: www.uptodate.pl/pl/lokalizacje/
⚽️ The entrance for City Stadium is located at Słoneczna street
🚗 City Stadium's parking will be open and free of charge
🎫 Tickets available at the door:
Opening Concert 80 PLN
Centralny Salon Ambientu individual ticket - SOLD OUT
Closing Concert - SOLD OUT
City Stadium pass 160 PLN
City Stadium individual ticket 90 PLN
🚌 Special bus transport from Ambient Stages' locations to the City Stadium will be provided
🚌 Special bus transport from Closing Concert to the Afterparty will be provided
🚭 Smoking will be strictly prohibited except for marked spots
💵 City Stadium tickets: cash and debit/credit cards payment
💵 Up To Date shop/merchandise: cash payments only in
💳 Drinks & food court: cash and debit/credit cards payment
🍩 Food Court includes such as restaurants as: Bar Mleczny Cechowa, Bułka z Masłem, Pizza Majstry, Rany Julek, Lokalna Bistro i Fly High Coffee
♻️ Please mind the adequate containers for waste separation
🥛 Buying reusable cup will be obligatory at the City Stadium (8 PLN)
📦 Deposit will be available for 10 PLN
📱 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uptodatefestival
🤹‍♀️ Feel invited for the official Afterparty at Klub Rozrywki Krąg

City Stadium map